WRE 125
The WRE 125 that has always been a leader in motorcycle rallies and recognised by the press as the perfect machine on which to begin off-road riding, has undergone a face lift with plastic bodywork parts. The machine now resembles the four-stroke models with its new “racing replica” red and white colour scheme that was used by official Husqvarna teams in the MX3 World Championship series. The white frame and anodised black wheels now give the bike an even more aggressive look. The 125 engine that boasts a long line of successes has been tuned to improve pick-up and to improve output in the low to mid range power band. The integrated ECS (Electronic Carburetion System) on the WRE 125 administers exactly the right amount of fuel (both the air/petrol and oil mix) and was developed in collaboration with Dell’Orto. The control unit also governs the ignition system. While keeping costs under control and sales prices competitive, this brings the two-stroke 125 engine to Euro 3 standards yet keeps all the advantages that two-stroke engines offer: lightness, performance and low running costs. As regards suspension, the WRE 125 now has specially designed PaioIi forks to enhance the performance characteristics of the model and work with the Sachs shock absorber. The pump for the rear brakes now has an integrated oil reservoir. The new instrument panel is digital and provides all the information necessary even for use in rallies. The display has a stopwatch, trip-meter and an elapsed and total mileage indicator. Again on the subject of rallies, the headlamp is now more powerful thus offering increased safety for both on and off-road use.